Previous boaters have commented on how much they have enjoyed their stay at Brinklow Marina. Don’t take our word for how good it is, have a read below at what people have had to say…

If you are currently moored at brinklow marina and wish to add your voice and opinion please feel free to email the site manager-

…so peaceful and quiet and a great boating location.

…Wow, what an amazing view!

…so pleased we got in here now I have seen the place first hand…

…room with a view!

…I asked her what was bad about mooring at Brinklow and after a pause, she replied ‘nothing!

…I love it here….

…the minute we arrived, you could feel the marina had a spirit and a soul – it just felt right!

…we are now moored at Brinklow and very pleased with the location…

We’re so lucky being here aren’t we

…watching the seasons change from your own boat windows is so lovely.

…I’m very pleased with our mooring spot – great views, and I’m sure we’ll be very happy at Brinklow.

One aspect that made this first year exceed all our expectations was the welcome we received at Brinklow

…the wonderful community spirit and above all, knowing that our pride and joy was in safe hands…

Where next?